Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Timetable

Our new class timetable is published below. Classes and clubs commence in January.

Computers, Drawing, Dancing, Painting, Movement & Relaxation and Creative Writing courses cost €60 for the waged / private pension or €30 public pensions / unemployed / refugees. Courses last for 8 weeks.

The Dinner costs €7 for two courses plus tea / biscuits and takes place on Monday & Wednesday at 1pm. The cost is €7.00 and the dinner is ordered the day before.

This timetable is subject to change without notification. Classes will take place subject to numbers.

Registration for all classes will take place on Tuesday 17th January from 2pm – 4pm. 
Please contact 091 – 895203 for further information.  
Timetable of Classes

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