Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Money Management and Budgeting Course

'Money Management and Budgeting Course' will be run at Croí na Gaillimhe during Spring 2012. The course is developed and run by the VEC. The course will run for 6 session, with each session lasting 2 ½ hour (a total of 15 hours).

The objectives of the course include;

To develop in participants:
  • An awareness of the importance of maintaining control over money
  • The knowledge and skills required for the effective management of money, and for planning ahead 
  • The skills necessary to establish and maintain an effective home money management system
  • An awareness of the importance of saving, and the factors to consider in deciding how and where to save
  • An awareness of credit options available and the skills required for the responsible use of credit
  • An awareness of healthy and nutritious meals which can be prepared on a low budget
A wide range of topics will be covered throughout the course. These include
  • Attitudes to money
  • Developing a spending diary
  • Control of money
  • Budgeting and budgeting tools
  • Budgeting strategies and management techniques
  • Paying and prioritising bills
  • Record Keeping
  • Savings – the why and the how
  • The credit trail and debt (MABS to deliver)
  • Shopping and cooking healthily on a budget
Please contact the Croí na Gaillimhe Resource Centre on 091 – 895203 for further information.

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