Monday, July 9, 2012

'Fáilte Isteach’ Programme to Begin Shortly

'Fáilte Isteach’ is an unique community based programme developed by Third Age which aims to encourage (older) volunteers to welcome new migrants to the community through conversational English classes. The concept behind the programme is to break down the barriers that may exist among community members by promoting integration and the passing on both skills and knowledge from different cultures.

We are planning to run the 'Fáilte Isteach’ programme at Croí na Gaillimhe shortly and are currently recruiting volunteers.

If you are :
  • Open to meeting new people and curious about the world around you?
  • Patient, generous with your time, reliable and committed to helping others? 
Then Fáilte Isteach might be of interest to you! 

Previously volunteers have discovered that there have been huge benefits to participating in the programme. Not just by making great friends, not also through having their skills and expertise are being recognized and valued and knowing that they are helping to help build a better, stronger and more inclusive society.

If you would like more information then please contact either Loretta or Loyola on 091 - 895203 or alternatively by e-mailing

Volunteering Opportunities!!

It's shaping up to be a busy summer here at Croí na Gaillimhe, especially as we now have 3 new volunteering opportunities available!! 

Fáilte Isteach
We are looking for people to join us for a new programme called 'Fáilte Isteach', where you will have an opportunity to teach conversational English classes for migrants. This unique programme has 3 aims
  • Provide the necessary language skills to new migrants in a student-centred, welcoming and inclusive manner
  • Involve volunteer tutors and recognise their skills, expertise and contribution to the community
  • Promote greater integration and achieve a new sense of community spirit, by forging new friendships and facilitating learning about different cultures. 

We are also seeking new volunteers to join a fundraising team to participate in our fundraising events and to assist our event organiser. This role may expand over time as more fundraising events take place. 

Finally we are looking for someone to assist a member of our creative writing class on the journey to transcribing an interview they have previously recorded onto disc.  The volunteer would be required to type up the interview and can use the computer resources of the centre to do so. 

Check out our Volunteering Opportunities page to find more information on these and other opportunities!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Just back from Cumbria, UK, having participated in the FALESAF (Fostering Adult Learner Empowerment through storytelling And Folkloke) project on behalf of Croi na Gaillimhe.  This is a very exciting EU-funded project which promotes inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue through storytelling and folklore.  the participating countries were England, Iceland, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Germany.  The Irish event will be held in Brigit's garden in October. The 3 day event was a series of workshops, and storytelling events, we even got to listen to a story given by Taffy Thomas, English Storytelling Laurate.  The whole experience was fun, interesting, and stimulating. Thanks to Leanne Szklarzewicz for organising the Galway contingent.  Storytelling is definitely something I would like to add to our Croi na Gaillimhe activities - Loyola, Social Club Coordinator.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A little video about what we do here..We hope you enjoy :)

Welcome to our video page. Here you can watch all of our videos. Just click on the play button in the centre of each video to play. 

This is our most recent video and is really tells the story of the past year at Croí na Gaillimhe. 



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