Thursday, October 10, 2013

Intergenerational project at the Galway City Museum, for a research day.

Intergenerational project

October 8th 2013

Today we met at the Galway City Museum, for a research day.

There were 13 TYs and 7 adults today, we were joined by Hedy , Loretta and Lucy 
from Croi na Gaillimhe and Anu and Ramona from the Forge Project.
The weather was very fine and the learners from GCC walked to town.

We started the morning with a trip to the café, which was a very relaxed 
and tasty way to start the session. The younger learners were then put into 
groups with an adult and the groups divided between Anu, Ramona and I. 
They were provided with small sketchpads to record their observations,
 ideas and notes and they took many photographs. 


Although the museum is relatively small, there was plenty of interest to see, from Bronze Age Beaker pottery to Medieval remains of ceramic pots and containers. There was an exhibition by Derrick Hawker upstairs, which was a great introduction to an artist’s methods of working, from primary sources to abstraction. This visit was a first for many, both young and young at heart. They were surprised at how interesting it was, and many of the TYs found it more accessible than the museums in Dublin.

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