Friday, February 6, 2015

Creative Writing with the young Hearts at Croí na Gaillimhe

Creative Writing with the Young Hearts 

This was the 5th creative writing session and it was obvious initially that the creative  juices were not flowing. Following the first exercise, where participants were asked to imagine what the wearer of the hat they selected was like, a frank and lively discussion took place.  Participants discussed how they were struggling with the written word and at a loss as to what to write.
Some simply do not like writing and others struggled to find something to write about. The very fact that both young and young at heart admitted their difficulties seemed to have a freeing effect on the group.

 Hedy gave lots of advice from her own experiences as a writer. 
The following exercised flowed far more freely and by the end of the class there appeared to be far more written. Hedy held a discussion outlining the editing process and all the different aspects involved, which the participants will be involved in. 

Would you like to come and join in the creative process with the Young Hearts
Ring the office @091-895203 for more details.

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