Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fáilte Isteach offers English classes to migrants

Céad míle Fáilte to Galway’s newest citizens.

Over 60 students from countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Peru, Turkey and Poland have taken part in the St Vincent de Paul’s Croí na Gaillimhe language classes.

Fáilte Isteach offers English classes to migrants.  A vital service that enables migrants not only to integrate into the community but also offers them a social outlet where they can engage with other individuals going through the arduous task of getting used to living in a completely different country to their own,.

“It’s not the usual lesson where you have to listen to the teacher. You could ask any questions and find out things.  Its social, I made friends, learned about Irish culture and other cultures too.” Galina from Belarussia

There are over 50 similar projects throughout the country and this is the fourth year that Croí na Gaillimhe has hosted Fáilte Isteach, which is run in collaboration with Third Age.  The tutors are all volunteers from all walks of life.  And the setting is relaxed, where students can learn the language in a fun and engaging manner.  The class topics are varied but it is usually the practical everyday things which people want to focus on, such as shopping, going to the doctor, finding a job etc.  Janet Kehelly, project worker, adds that students are also interested in finding out about Galway and all aspects related to settling in Ireland.

But it’s not all classroom based with a walking tour of Galway and a relaxation session adding variety.  The relaxation session was facilitated by one of the Polish students and Janet is keen to point out that the group have a whole range of skills and talents which they’ve shared throughout the year.

If you’d like more information on the Fáilte Isteach programme Croí na Gaillimhe can be reached at 091 895203 or visit the website on, facebook or blogspot.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knitting Club Enjoying the Sunshine

Knitting in the Garden 
Some of the knitting group decide dot make the most of the sunshine and spend the
class in the garden

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bealtine - Leaves of Strength

Croi na Gaillimhe Bealtine 2015 
Leaves of Strength – Clay Workshop
Croi na Gaillimhe was delighted to host a relaxing creative afternoon, to celebrate Bealtaine this year. The clay workshop facilitated by the Forge Clay Artists , New Road with whom we were lucky enough to have previously  collaborated with,   was  entitled ‘Leaves of Strength’. The title of the workshop reflects the Bealtaine vision of being creative as we age, and represents the strength that the wisdom of years brings to the life and the creative spirit in particular.
A total of 20  Participants tapped into their creative energies to make clay leaves using real leaves as stamps, working with different types of clay making the activity more interesting.   Participants (as you will see from the attached photographs) greatly enjoyed the tactile experience of working with clay and produced some beautiful work.  The leaves will be fired in a kiln in the Forge Studios and subsequently glued on a circular wood board which will suggest the crown of a tree.

The afternoon was very enjoyable and a truly creative Bealtaine event.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mobile Phone Training Workshop

Free Mobile Phone Workshop  - All Welcome 

Bealtaine 2015 - Burning Bright Project

Bealtaine 2015 - Burning Bright Project

Croi Na Gaillimhe Lunch and Social Club
The first of our Bealtaine events kicked off last Wednesday when we attended the launch of the Burning Bright Project in Galway Arts Centre.  Croi Na Gaillimhe is delighted to be part of the Burning Bright project.  Through a series of workshops facilitated by artist Fiona Hession, participants created a light box (see photos) which featured lines from favourite poems, reflecting the Bealtaine theme this year “What land and Country is this.  We are thrilled with the end result which will be on display in the Arts Centre, Dominick Street for the month of May, do pop in and have a look.  

The aim of the Burning Bright project is on the creative process and not the end product. The lunch and Social Club will continue to work with Fiona who will guide participants through new art processes and methods of expression.
Our next and final Bealtaine event is again an art project. On Wednesday 20 May at 2:30pm until 4:00pm we will host a clay workshop titled ‘Leaves of Strength’ facilitated by the FORGE ARTISTS, New Road.  Participants will make leaves from clay, using natural leaves as stamps.  Why not join us….all welcome.


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