Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bealtine - Leaves of Strength

Croi na Gaillimhe Bealtine 2015 
Leaves of Strength – Clay Workshop
Croi na Gaillimhe was delighted to host a relaxing creative afternoon, to celebrate Bealtaine this year. The clay workshop facilitated by the Forge Clay Artists , New Road with whom we were lucky enough to have previously  collaborated with,   was  entitled ‘Leaves of Strength’. The title of the workshop reflects the Bealtaine vision of being creative as we age, and represents the strength that the wisdom of years brings to the life and the creative spirit in particular.
A total of 20  Participants tapped into their creative energies to make clay leaves using real leaves as stamps, working with different types of clay making the activity more interesting.   Participants (as you will see from the attached photographs) greatly enjoyed the tactile experience of working with clay and produced some beautiful work.  The leaves will be fired in a kiln in the Forge Studios and subsequently glued on a circular wood board which will suggest the crown of a tree.

The afternoon was very enjoyable and a truly creative Bealtaine event.

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