Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Croí na Gaillimhe Ladies Basketball Team Coaching Level 1 Training

Coaching Level 1 training day completed by the OWLs        

Croí na Gaillimhe Ladies Basketball Team 

The OWLs (One World Ladies) from Croí na Gaillimhe attended an Introductory Coaching Session on Friday 26th of August in Our Ladies Boys Club.                               
This training session was organised by Croí na Gaillimhe and TITANs Basketball and was funded Galway Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland and  Galway County Council.

This training course is part of the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland. 
This introductory coaching syllabus was designed with a view towards improving the skills and progression of coaches from an introductory level to level one and on-wards. 
The course was facilitated by Vinny  O’Keeffe a very experienced coach who kept the trainees captivated throughout the programme.   
The course covered the qualities and skills of a coach, the role of a coach, planning, basketball  Ireland Policy, guidelines for coaches, how to introduce skills, quality practice, motives and needs, coaches charter, coaching session planner, fitness for basketball, basketball fundamental skills, teaching 3 on 3, mini game drills, safety and sport and basketball terminology. Thanks as always to Galway Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland for its support

It was a very informative and a really enjoyable day for all of the participants 


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