Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dramatic Preparations

Dramatic Preparations 

The third session of Young Hearts for 2017 was facilitated by Luke Morgan and the participants are becoming comfortable with the variety of activities which take place each week to release their dramatic sides.

There were 7 adults and 11 Transition years this week, as the last of the adult holiday makers returns. Last week Luke worked with the group and they identified 5 different scenarios which they would like to develop. This week we developed plots and soundscapes for the play. 
Last week Luke worked on movement with the group, getting them to move and play together, while developing ideas for the show. This week he focused on plot, with a fun writing exercise. 
Each person was provided with a pen and paper and arranged in groups around tables. Letters were chosen by each person and written up on a board. Luke offered 5 plot devices. The first letter chosen was the beginning of the first sentence, describing an alien. After 90 seconds, the sheet was passed on and after reading the piece we had to add to it, using a plot device and starting with ta different letter.  This continued until the end of the story. We spent time reading them aloud and laughing at the twists and turns of the plot. 
By the time we broke for tea a huge amount of writing had been completed despite the initial reluctance of some of the participants.
 In the second part of the session the participants stood in a circle and each made a noise which they thought an alien would make. Luke directed the session which was very fun, if very odd to those other users of the centre who passed by. There were grunts, squeals, barking, as well as shushing.
Luke then directed a mirroring exercise, initially in pairs and then using the full group. I was lucky enough to have a partner who decided to run me through some strenuous stretching exercises! 
He finished with a brainstorming exercise to help visualise an alien. There were loads of suggestions and the 3 participants who ‘moved’ like aliens were brave souls indeed. Thanks once again to Luke for his enthusiasm, preparation and hard work and his sense of fun….

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