Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year, New Drama 2017

Young Hearts Intergenerational Programme 2017

The first session of Young Hearts for 2017 was facilitated by Luke Morgan. 
Luke has embraced the task of improvising a piece of drama with the Young Hearts.          He has met with the group on several occasions and they discussed some of their   interests and issues during those conversations, the final piece will develop during the weekly sessions. 
The fourteen TYs helped set up the room in advance of the workshops, moving tables     and chairs etc. They were joined by five adults and by 10.30am they were ready to go.       We reviewed the wet and windy carol singing fundraiser, with several older participants suggesting that we find an alternative venue (sheltered from the elements) as they were very cold on the day. We agreed to consider some different possibilities for next year. 
Following my welcome, Luke Morgan took over the facilitating of the group. He began           by getting every single person up and active, guiding us through some gentle stretching exercise. It was great to get up and stretch, even if some of the adults jokingly wondered whether he had noticed their age! The laughs continued as we warmed up vocally as well  as physically. Luke transformed the group into animals, pirates aboard a ship as well as shoppers covering up some distress. He gently encouraged even the most reluctant participant and by the end of the morning had us all in fits of laughter.
The tea break provided a welcome break as well as a chance to cool down… 
In the second part of the session we returned to the circle of chairs. 
Luke asked for some examples of scenarios which would give a positive as well as a negative interpretation of the words they had identified as important in a previous session.  This allowed time for participants to engage in some thoughtful discussion as well as sharing life experiences. Luke had different group members re-enact these events. 
They did them several times to demonstrate what they would look like in a positive as well as negative way. Some were serious and others light hearted. Some of the words raised heart breakingly sad stories of oppression and inequality, which gave the group plenty to think about. 
By the end of the session Luke had managed to completely energise the group,
 invigorating and enthusing even the most jaded participants. Thanks once again to Luke 
for his energy. It is great to be back in Young Hearts. 

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