Croí na Gaillimhe Resource Centre
The Resource Centre is very often seen as a focal point in the community by people whether it's for Adult Education, Computer classes, Art classes, Movement and Relaxation, Dancing Classes or just a place where one can meet a friendly face or find a listening ear.
The Centre has a focus on the integration of all sectors of the community in an atmosphere of inclusiveness, acceptance and affirmation. 
The Resource Centre provides programmes in Adult Education, a Dinner and Social Club, Intergenerational Projects and a Social Club for Men.
Vision Statement 
To reduce social isolation by offering a welcoming social environment and learning experience to the people of Galway 

Mission Statement 
Croí na Gaillimhe is an interculteral and intergenerational resource centre, responding to the changing needs of people who find themselves experiencing social isolation. In conjuction with SVP memebers. we are involved in a range of activities  characterisied by support and friendship, promoting self-sufficiency and working for social justice
Equality Statement
The Resource Centre wishes to:
Promote positive change in favour of those who would benefit most in the community.
Promote inclusion and equality in the community.
Promote community participation in the management and running of the centre.
Provide a resource to the local community.
Work on the basis of the principles of community development.
Strategic Aims
The aims of the Centre are:
 A. Outreach
  1. Older People - To maintain and further develop the existing programme of social and learning   activities for older people.
  2. Intergenerational - To maintain and further develop the existing intergenerational programme of activities.
  3. Young Parents - To initiate and develop a programme of support for young parents.
  4. Intercultural - To initiate and develop an intercultural programme of support.
  5. Men - To initiate and develop a programme of support for men
  6. Annual once of Activities - To manage effectively a range of once off events related to the    vision and work of the centre.
  7. Training Programmes -  Adults - To develop and deliver a range of training programmes for all adults
B. Organisation
  1. Volunteers - To establish and maintain best practice regarding recruitment, induction and support of volunteers.
  2. Health and Safety - To establish and maintain best practice in regard to health and safety matters in the building.
  3. Networking - To manage and optimise the benefit of a wide range of networking opportunities both internal and external.
  4. Building -  To establish and maintain best practice in regard to the maintenance of the building, fittings and fixtures and renewal of capital equipment.  
  5. Internal Organisational Development/Centre Management - to implement the daily functionality of the project, monitor the work and ensure correct work and staff policies and systems are in place.

Resource Centre Staff
Loretta Needham

Older people/ Activities  Coordinator
Loyola King

 Project Worker
Janet Kehelly

Aisling Bell

Receptionist /CE Scheme 
Rose McPartlan / Imelda Geoghegan

Security / Caretaker
 Mike Flemming

St James Conference Committee:
Michael Begley, President 
Jim Harrington, Secretary 

All the volunteers that help out with the centre


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