Our men’s group was established in January 2012. 

The membership of our men’s group includes men living in homeless hostels or who are isolated, marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged. 
Currently, the group consists of 5 to 8 regular members of 30+ years of age. Every participant is bound by confidentiality and mutual respect for the duration of the session. All men are equally invited to express themselves freely and fully while a supportive and non-judgemental environment is maintained.

Standard activities include discussion, movies, music, stories, poetry and games. Tea and biscuits are provided for the duration of the evening. As the needs of the individual men are addressed dynamically, no one session is alike.

 The men's group  on a recent day trip to Collins Barracks 

For the last hour of the session the men do some gentle exercises based on the Thi Chi principles and facilitated by Felim Burke 

We meet every Thursday from 3 PM to 5 PM.

Contact reception for more details 091-895203 

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